Manifestos’  Presented to the Ewu National Congress by Joseph Okeoghene Ubrurhe on his official Declaration for the position of chairmanship of Ughelli south Local Government area under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) dated this day Thursday 20th April, 2017.

 Sir, permit me to address you as, your Excellency,

Chairman, Ewu National Congress, (Chief Abel Edijala)

Our Patriotic Patrons

Executive members of Ewu National congress.

All Protocols duly observed.

In line with his Excellency, The Governor of Delta State Dr. Ifeanyi Author Okowa’s  SMART agenda program, you will agree with me  that we need someone that can key into the Agenda effectively so as to allow prosperity for all Deltans and especially for our great people Of Ughelli south.

In line with this, I shall draw the attention of the governor, his Excellency, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and other meaningful indigenes to the grass root development of each community.

No doubt, the tenure of the Local government Chairman is short, but we shall work within the time frame of this three years period and leave a remarkable land mark.

I want to run a government by the people for the people as an adage has it  that a tree cannot make  a forest rather a lot of trees.

My geam shall comprise of intelligent people that meant well for the people of Ughelli South. Such persons must share the dream of the ENC.


A Powerful economic team shall be set up to restructure the local government IGR such as:

  • Tax
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Royalties


On resumption, we shall kick start an Economic Summit to look into various Economic Potentials of the communities to sort best possible ways to enhance and reposition each community within Ughelli south for economic growth and sustainability by making Ughelli South the food basket of Delta State.

Our programs shall include:

  1. Education/ICT
  2. Agriculture
  3. Job creation/ Industrialization
  4. Health care
  5. Sports
  6. Women empowerment programs
  7. Provision of social Amenities and infrastructure
  8. The Aged people.


It will interest us o know that in Ughelli South, Children likes Education, yet we don’t have any higher Institution neither do we have a JAMB nor ICT Centre within Ughelli South Metropolis and our Children in spite of this challenge still develop themselves to attain such an enviable height within the region.

If elected as the Chairman of Ughelli South:

  • Within the first 12 months in office, we would set up an approved JAMB CBT Centers within the Ughelli South Local Government Area.
  • Through Private Public Partnership(PPP) we shall established a meaningful tertiary initiation that will take care of the educational need of the people.


Through a functional cooperative society, we shall concentrate on:

  1. Cassava
  2. Plantain
  3. Fish farming and poultry

More to this, our Farmers shall be giving subsidies and grants to run their farms on large scale. And this will bring great fortune to community and in turn make Ughelli South food basket for the state.


  1. A good MOU with private individual under the PPP shall be encouraged to allow for the establishment of factories such as Ties/ ceramics Industries.
  2. We shall also set up companies through the PPP to encourage made in Ughelli south goods such as quality clothing, Paints, Shoe, building materials’, Cosmetology etc.

A trade fair within Ughelli South to show case such products will also be organized.


We shall ENCOURAGE Private Medical Centers in the area through the PPP and also create a platform for the aged to get free medical care and good medical facility for our great people of Ughelli South.


In order to build our youth in the area of sport so as to gain National or International recognition, we shall set up a committee to come up with viable sport festival and competition within the Ughelli South axis.


We shall create platform to take care of poor old parents medically and socially no matter how small it is.


We shall set up various empowerment programs either directly or indirectly in collaboration with the state Governor’s wife pet project.


Each community with his own peculiarity. We shall look at the most demanding social amenities, pipe borne water, Urban Market, Vaccination for our Children against deadly diseases etc.

My dear people, no doubt, Nigerians are politically more conscious and it is our work that will speak for us. I know and understand very well that it is either we work with the people as a politician and grow or work for our self and perish.

I promised never to let my good people and leaders down if they stand with me.

Finally, there is a saying that King makers are beneficiary to the palace, the council under  my watch shall constitutes an leaders advisory Council within the Ewu, Olomu & Ughuvein that will be direct beneficiary to the Government.

Together we shall win

God bless you all

Joseph Ubrurhe okeogbene

Chairmanship Aspirant,

Ughelli South, Local Government,

Delta State.